Welcome to our JBL-Fanshop

Dear JBL friends, divers, nature lovers, fans of reptiles, aquarium fish and invertebrates

As you can see on the following pages, we have rebuilt our shop and moved away from the previous system with the configurator. 

Instead of that we have arranged a selection of finished products and in this way removed the time consuming process of customer-designing and the, due to single-unit production, quite high prices. We hope you enjoy our new designs and products, we´ve got something for each and everyone!

We also would be pleased to receive feedback and suggestions, which we can turn into new designed products for you. Criticism wouldn't go amiss too, since thats the way we can become better.

Also new, is our silk-screen printing for T-shirts, polo shirts etc. and thus increased wash resistance for the products. Our high-quality embroidery and transfer printing is of course still available.

Have a look around, give us feedback, we are open to suggestions and look forward to your mails.


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